Welcome to the ImmunoSafe™ Website

Welcome to the ImmunoSafe™ Website - ImmunoSafe.fr
Immunotoxicology is the area of toxicology dedicated to investigate,  understand and evaluate the immunological safety of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, which is a matter of growing concern. Indeed, regulatory bodies and agencies throughout the world are increasingly expecting, if not requiring, that the immunotoxic potential of xenobiotics including medicines and biologics as well as chemicals of all kinds is evaluated.

Evaluating immunological safety  preclinically and clinically is a complex, rapidly evolving field. Thus, expert advice is often necessary to address potential issues or causes for regulatory concern related to the variety of immunotoxic effects encompassing immunosuppression, immunostimulation, hypersensitivity ("allergy") and autoimmunity, which can develop in treated or exposed human beings.

This site is an introduction to solutions offered by
Jacques Descotes, M.D., Pharm.D., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at Claude Bernard University of Lyon (France), fellow of the US Academy of Toxicological Sciences, and Eurotox registered toxicologist, with 40 years of academic and industrial experience in the field of immunotoxicology and immunological safety evaluation of medicinal products, innovative biologics, e.g. monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins or vaccines, nanomedicines, as well as chemicals ranging from cosmetics, food ingredients and pesticides to household and industrial chemicals.